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 Battery Solutions 

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 Battery Solutions 



 Battery Solutions 


We develop start-to-finish concepts for the electric vehicle





Design of battery packs and main components for electric vehicles. 

Software development for Vehicle Management Units and Battery Management Systems.

From sketch until real products.

Preparation of components for tests and homologation.


   Electric Air Mobility such as Flying Cars and e-Aircraft will soon be available and IMECAR is preparing for the new revolutionary transport system by developing both the Battery Packs and Power Train to meet the next generation of environmentally friendly air transport vehicles as well as the Aerospace requirements for high quality and technology.

   We are working with our partners to develop full or partial Series and Parallel hybrid Drive lines as well as Full all electric driveline technologies that will allow eAircraft to be either powered by Electric Motors and or a combination of electric motors, Turbo shaft and or İCE configured powertrains giving the best possible performance, range and emissions combination for the desired Flight or mission Envelope.



We built a long-range, fast-charging all-electric vehicles.


   IMECAR product expertise in Electric vehicle power train and battery pack design covers a wide diversity of Land based vehicles from regular family cars, Sports cars, buses, Trucks, excavators to land based Battery storage.

   Our wide product and engineering development portfolio allows our customers choice to either configure a hybrid Power train architecture or a full electrical power train architecture from light vehicles to heavy trucks and buses.

   IMECAR is developing land based battery storage to continuity of supply of electricity to remote areas as well as Solar Power Stations and Offshore Wind Farms. We are working to develop 1MW to 100MW storage capabilities that will allow continuity of electricity supply and smooth out the electricity demands under peak loading.

   Our technology and engineering is proven delivering eVehicles that after 6 years and over 100k Km are still operating on the same batteries and power trains with 90% battery State of Health a testament to IMECARS commitment to quality and robust engineering proven by independent certification and homologation something our competitors can only dream to provide.



   Sea is the new frontier and IMECAR was one of the first companies to support electrification of Catamarans and large Yachts to hybrid and full electrification allowing quiet and reliable operation of the ships from port to port. We are continuously developing our Battery technology that will allow greater range and reliability as these boats are designed for 20 to 30 year life cycles with only 2 battery changes planned before de-commissioning (30year life cycle) assuming less than 70% SoH by EoL.

   IMECAR is also looking to develop highly safe sea based battery modules that can be individually shut down for underwater operations in the event of a rare thermal runaway event without risking the underwater sea vessel (Submarines) survivability – only one other company in the World has reached the same capability.


The electric motor is extremely efficient, 2-5 times better than a diesel engine (up to over 90 % efficiency). Higher efficiency means less energy consumption. Less energy consumption means lower costs and less pollution.

Zero emissions

Electric vehicles offer a better work environment for the driver as well as cleaner air and quieter neighborhoods for your customers.

Independent from oil

Electricity can be produced in many ways. That means independence from oil-producing countries, higher security of supply, more stable prices and the possibility for clean, green renewable energy sources. If electric vehicles are run on electricity from solar, wind or hydro, they produce virtually zero pollution.

Low maintenance

NO NEED: Oil changes, fuel filters and spark plugs changes. Timing belts and smog checks.



IMECAR Elektronik develops the most efficient battery packs for electric vehicles.  IMECAR develops and produce battery packs. We make integration and testing, prototyping and serial production of battery packs and electric powertrains. IMECAR do software development for electric vehicles. 





This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824290


ERA-LEARN has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 811171


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